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StarForce Protection Solutions at Games Convention 2004

 by: Ksenia Zakharova

A famous Russian expert in the field of copy protection and software licensing presents its brand news technologies at Games Convention 2004, Leipzig.

StarForce to introduce its latest software protection and licensing technologies at Games Convention 2004 (Leipzig, 2004, Aug. 19th - 22nd). A new version of famous StarForce protection includes advanced anti-piracy technologies to withstand industrial software piracy as well as casual copying and license agreement violations by end users. StarForce 3.04 features a set of brand new options for license and distribution management and supports both CD/DVD copy protection and innovative PC binding technologies based on the unique serial number activation mechanism.

StarForce license and distribution management mechanism provides software developers and publishers with a tool to define and control expiry date settings of a granted demo or sales license, combine disc-based licenses with product upgrades sold via online shops, protect and control distribution of the product test-, demo-, promotional and pre-release versions. StarForce software protection solutions are known around the world for their ability to withstand industrial software piracy as well as casual copying and license agreement violations by end users.

Having protected more than a million copies of software within the six years of its existence, StarForce has become an expert in the matters of secure software distribution and license management. Company's specialists are always ready to share their professional advice with business software and game developers looking for a reliable tool to secure their bright ideas and innovational technological approaches from theft and illegal use. All clients, partners and other individuals interested in the latest anti-piracy technologies are welcomed to schedule an appointment with a StarForce representative in Leipzig and can send their requests directly to

About The Author

StarForce ( is a leading provider of software protection solutions designed to fight piracy and assist software developers and publishers to effectively protect their intellectual property and safeguard their revenues. The company is well-known among industry professionals for its state of the art software-and-hardware-level encryption technologies. StarForce Technologies provides a broad range of high-quality and cost-effective protection and licensing solutions for business, educational, and entertainment applications.


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