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ContentWatch Announces "Family Safe" Recognition for Family Safe Web Sites on the Internet

 by: Scott Nelson

SALT LAKE CITY September 15, 2004 ContentWatch, Inc., a trusted provider of Internet filter and protection tools, today announced the launch of its Family Safe Program, a list of Web sites that have been identified and recognized by ContentWatch™ as "family safe."

More than 30 Family Safe sites have already been identified and approved, and anyone can recommend a Family Safe site by emailing

"There is a real need in the world for more Web sites that are safe for the eyes and minds of families with young children and teenagers," said Brent Bishop, chief executive officer of ContentWatch. "The more these family-safe Web sites become available, the more ContentWatch wants to recognize them and help families and communities become aware that there are many fun and entertaining Web sites available for even the youngest of children."

In addition to Family Safe, ContentWatch also provides a number of Internet filter and protection tools including its ContentProtect™ software, which was recently selected by the Walt Disney Company as the official Internet filter for the Disney Dream Desk PC for kids. ContentProtect allows real-time, online parental control and is highly rated in the industry. Parents of a child or teenager can monitor Internet use from any Internet connection through powerful remote management and reporting tools. ContentWatch also provides a powerful pop up blocker (PopupProtect™), spam filter / email filter (EmailProtect™), and automatic identification of unapproved temporary Internet files with its ContentCleanup™ product.

ContentWatch's list of "Family Safe" Web sites in addition to information about ContentProtect can be found at

About The Author

ContentWatch, Inc. delivers Internet filter and protection solutions for the home, library, education, government and business markets. ContentWatch's mission is to be the world leader in thought and technology in creating Internet filter and protection tools and services that provide homes and businesses with a safe Internet experience. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, ContentWatch has customers in all 50 states and more than 175 countries. For more information on ContentWatch products, visit

ContentWatch™, ContentCleanup™, PopupProtect™ and EmailProtect™ are each trademarks of ContentWatch, Inc.

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